Jeremy Harbour (Businessman, Commercial Adviser and Author)


“When you are young and really does not fit in the school, is can choose one of several roads. I personally had much luck of that my parents were my great support and of that my first efforts in the world business I led by a good road, but acknowledge that can be easy of different ways. There is a generation loss of men and women young that simply does not fit with them standards that imposes the society, and therefore not have many doors open. When I lived in the United Kingdom I offered as a volunteer to work on the Foundation of the Princes in order to help “homeless youth”, which had lots of energy and enthusiasm, but when it is channeled in the wrong direction could cause huge social problems. With the encouragement and appropriate approach may be the backbone of a growing economy and a society more just that everyone would like to live. When I found myself with the passion and dedication that Suzie Black conveyed with Shambhala, not I hesitate to volunteer me. Any initiative that is carry to out to improve the joint of the community in the island, should be embraced of all heart.”


O.D. (21 years old)


“Before joining the Foundation, my life was a little messy. My father was in prison, my family was going through a difficult financial situation and I was on the streets every day without doing anything useful. I was introduced to the Foundation through my friend Maikol. I never thought I would have the opportunity to make my dream come true and study sports nutrition. Now I am working hard to finish my ESO qualifications so that I can start a course on Nutrition like one of the other youths in the programme who has already passed his ESO. I think the Foundation is a great opportunity to get ahead with a good help and get many goals in your life.”


Mother of one Foundation Youth


“As a mother of one of the boys who receives help from the Shambhala Foundation I’m enormously grateful to its founder and teachers. Only one year in  and already the change I see in my son, is magnificent. With a great sense of responsibility and dedication,  it is remarkable the good work of this institution. It fills me with peace of mind knowing that my son can get the opportunity to carve a good future.”


E.M (22 years old)


“I was 22 years when I enter into the foundation. My situation at home is that I live with my mother and one of my uncles recently has returned to live with us because in his company have done an Ere and now is fired. My mother works as a cleaner in a clinic. Thanks to the foundation I am able to continue studying and training, because my mother has not been able to pay the studies and much less the amount of the gym. In the future I would like to finish my ESO and have been able to study aesthetics or something related to the social field. And I know that with the help the Foundation gives us, I will be able to achieve this.”


C.D. (21 years old)


“In my case, I leave the Institute at the age of 15 and now I have 21. I left my mother’s House at 16, and grew up in 8 different cities. There have been many changes in my life. Also I was in the world of the drug. Now live single in Mallorca, since my family is distributed by the peninsula, but not me can keep so I seek it life from ago years. Now I’m in a time calm of my life, took 3 years in Mallorca. I want to finish my studies and do a grade average of FP. Thanks to Shambhala I have support for studies, I have the opportunity to train in a gym and collaborating with community service in a soup kitchen. Me alegro of that has a foundation so, that is worry by them young as us and that want to help us in getting a future better. I hope and believe that this experience I will help to grow and enrich me as person.”


M.A. (21 years old)


“Shambhala is a good opportunity for many young as me, who want to grow up and and aspire to something better in the life. With effort and sacrifice we can grow in our studies and, at the same time, as people. Thanks to your help, in a future we can have a good training and a job. Also give you the thanks by the opportunity that us give of to have some studies and a preparation physical. I hope that Shambhala follow growing so much more people can get to have better life. Thank you!”


Yeira (21 years old)


Hi Suzie,
It has been a pleasure to belong to your organization for a short time, thank you for the opportunity that one day they gave me but now within two days of leave I write this letter of thanks by the echo help me with what the bus, by download so much energy that had accumulated of everything that was happening this time and for me that altruism today continues to exist. Today I am at the gates of start to fight for a new opportunity that life has given me and I am going with great enthusiasm to the new path that I have been put in front of me. Thanks to appear in my life and leave good things that one day I will be able to teach and say that I made with you.

ATT: I hope to hear from you at any time, and keep growing.


A.R. (21 years old)


“Shambhala is a foundation that helps people to find other opportunities in their lifes. Helps a lot of people with sports, and educational support, also with english classes and other activities. I think is very good for the youths in need, this foundation is their salvation, I’m happy to have found them because they are helping me a lot, so I’m very pleased. Shambhala is a opportunity to find your place and follow the way for the future, is very interesting and for me is a very good experience”.


C.L. (22 years old)


“When I knew about Shambhala, I was confused and I didn’t know what I would do in my future life and what to study, I was really unmotivated. One day I was talking witj a man and he told me about Shambhala Foundation, then I looked for them and that’s why I’m in that big family. I met so much people here, some of them are now out, someones like me are still here and there are some new faces, that’s awesome. At the moment Shambhala is helping me with my Bachelor, that’s what I need to enter to the UIB to study “ADE”. I’m at the first of two years. I have a long way but thank to them I’m motivated to achieve that. Actually I’m in one of my bests moments, because one month ago I became a mother, what is awesome but also is difficult, and it will get harder to combine work, study, and a baby but I know that Shambhala will help me, it always has put me facilities to my adaptation so for this I thank them with all my heart. With this I want to say that they will always help you with any situation you have. In the future I would like to be part of this family to help young people that will be in my situation, to prosper and can give them tips about my experience. Shambhala isn’t only about studying, is also a big family where you spend really good times, learn values and have brothers (not of bloof but it feels like this). Everybody is incredible. I love them and they will always have a place in my heart”.


B.P. (24 years old)


“I met the Foundation for a friend and since the day I entered, I’m really integrated, and slowly learning new thing, I’m going to be a person more responsible with my obligations and in my future this will help me a lot. My dedication and commitment is related to the time I have with the working but I can conceal both thinks. I love being in the foundation, because I feel a person more active, more dynamic and I’m with my mind occupied. I hope soon I can began the studies, pursue my goals and be able to do what I like. In the future, after compleing the goals that I want, I will feel very grateful to all of the team that is helping us everyday. In the future, when I finish in Shambhala, I want to be part of them and help youths in need. And I will always be glad to have been part of this family. I love Shambhala”.


I.E. (21 years old)


“Hi, I’m Ivan, one of the new “Shambhala warriors” and this has been my Shambhala experience. I met the foundation thanks to my best friend, who began last year with them and recommended it to me, because she felt really comfortable and she wanted to share this big opportunity. She told me about the compromise and the regard, and about the big family Shambhala is. She introduced me to some foundation mates, and explained about the activities they do. It seemed incredible, the efort needed to make work the foundation everyday, just to give us, the youths, a better future, adecuated studies and healthy habits. Moreover they manage some benefic projects, where we helo when it’s necessary, to save some money and help through social works. I could say that the foundation’s values and the way they work was what conquer me, and I’ve become part of the family”.


Youths’ Messages




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