The youths we are targeting have in most cases been failed by the public education system. For the most part they have turned their back on mainstream education and find themselves now either unemployed or stuck in dead end casual jobs with no security, no future and little hope of advancement. With low morale and lacking belief in the system, an education only programme would be viewed with cynicism, but offer them the opportunity to be part of a Gym where martial arts and fitness is a HOOK and we have their attention..



Martial Arts and general fitness provides a constructive outlet for the frustrations that many of the youths we are dealing with are experiencing during these troubled developmental years. They become calmer, more self-disciplined and are in a better place to embark on their education again. This is not about fighting, hitting and kicking; when one partakes in Martial Arts & Fitness it is about:

  • Learning control, respect, discipline, responsibility and organisation
  • Building camaraderie and self-confidence.
  • Alleviating stress.
  • Creating a more positive attitude.
  • Improving concentration and general fitness.
  • Developing a healthier and more productive lifestyle.
  • Learning humbleness.
  • Building positive social interaction.

“Shambhala Foundation is not about creating better fighters; it is about creating better people”


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