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how to choose what tattoo to get

May 17,  · If you prefer for your tattoo to be seen, your fingers, arms, legs, chest or back are all places to consider - as they offer a large canvas for bigger tattoos or more tattoos, such as a Chelsea Ritschel. Oct 24,  · The location of the tattoo can make a huge difference and when you’re figuring out how to choose a tattoo design that’s best for you, location can be a major factor. The key things to keep in mind are locations that won’t get a lot of sun, won’t stretch as much as you age (or if you get pregnant), and won’t constantly be rubbing against shambhalafundacion.orgted Reading Time: 5 mins. Mar 26,  · Take the time to find an artist on Instagram who will work with you to create a tattoo that suits you. Once you've revealed a few personal details, most tattoo artists can help you brainstorm a few designs based on what you tell them and can suggest some options that fit Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

How to choose what tattoo to get - necessary words

Look at tattoos people got from the place you're thinking about going to and see if they have the kind of look you're going for. Choose your tattoo's color s wisely. Of course, if you want something written in Asian characters in hanzi, kanji, or hanja, for example , choose very carefully and double-check your design. In 10 years time, you may be with someone else and hate the guts of the person whose name now adorns your body. Quotes and Lyrics Everyone and their mother has a favorite quote, phrase, or lyric, which is probably why so many people choose to get them tatted. There you may find both good tattoo designs and ones that you will be unhappy with in the long run. Laser tattoo removal is very expensive, painful, and time-consuming.

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