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how to ask a waitress for her number

Feb 23,  · Do it as simply as possible to avoid being creepy: Just your name, and your number. No hearts, no poems, no “I’ve been watching you serve my tuna melt for weeks now.” AdvertisementAuthor: The Salty Waitress. Because chances are she probably won't, because women don't usually ask men out. Not saying they never do, but if OP wants to date, then as a man, he is probably going to have to give her his number. 5. Continue this thread. level 2. ModusPwnins. 5 years ago. she will give you her number unsolicited. Nov 28,  · You should ask for her number when you feel like you’ve made an emotional connection with her: this could be before or after the tip. Instead of focusing on the money and transaction focus on whether she’s smiling, comfortable and whether you’v got a genuine connection with her 🙂.

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How to ask a waitress for her number - not simple

As you walk outside, you feel an instant wave of disappointment wash over you. A great opportunity to get the phone number from a beautiful woman has just slipped through your fingers. She comes back with the order… What are you going to do? She plays with her necklace in a shy way or twirls her hair with her finger while being all girly with her body language. Last week , I showed you how you can use eye contact to get over your fear of approaching hot women, but you can also use it to attract women in restaurants. Many of the men will also instantly be open to having her as a girlfriend. how to ask a waitress for her number Hell no. So how do you ask out a waitress so that you dating websites scottish borders seem like just another patron? Now for the real trick… When she dropped the check and how to ask a waitress for her number hkw, I acted completely normal. So no hour long discussions about Jack Daniels or where Vodka comes from. Instead of numver her like a robotic, customer service employee, flirt with her and talk to her like a real person.

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